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The Hours

Stories from a Pandemic by

Bruce Meyer

Join award-winning author Bruce Meyer on a journey through human history.

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Category: Fiction
Pages: 102
Publication Date: June 29, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-7775139-0-0

Paperback $14.99

Journey through History with Bruce Meyer

In the course of social isolation, social distancing, and social solitude, every hour can seem to last a year. In The Hours, Bruce Meyer presents six stories that showcase how individuals responded to pandemics throughout history with dignity and determination.


Whether it is on an island cut off from the rest of the world and connected only by an aging ferry link, through Zoom calls and the realities faced by modern healthcare workers, or through a couple trapped on an abandoned cruiser ship, Meyer depicts the struggle against what we cannot see, and the faith that endures beyond the hardships of the present.

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Know the Author: Bruce Meyer

Bruce Meyer is author of more than sixty books of poetry, short stories, flash fiction, and non-fiction. His previous collections of fiction are A Chronicle of Magpies (Tightrope Books, 2014), A Feast of Brief Hopes (Guernica Editions, 2018) and Down in the Ground (Guernica Editions, 2020).


His stories have won or been shortlisted for numerous international and national prizes including the Anton Chekhov Prize for Very Short Fiction, the Retreat West Short Story Prize, the Bath Short Story Prize, the Fish Short Story Prize, the Tom Gallon Trust Prize for Fiction, the Thomas Morton Prize for Fiction, the Carter V. Cooper Prize for Fiction, and the Strands International Short Story Prize.


His stories have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize by The Hong Kong Review and Nunum. He is a Bank of Montreal Fellow in Fiction for Exile Editions and Exile Literary Quarterly. He lives in Barrie, Ontario with his wife, Kerry, and their daughter, Katie, and teaches at Georgian College and Victoria College in the University of Toronto.


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Melancholic Realities and Mindful Representation

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Barrie author to release book offering perspective amidst pandemic’s second straight summer

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Interview with Bruce Meyer by Vanessa Shields


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The Hours by Bruce Meyer is a collection of six short stories that spans different communities and individuals each dealing with a pandemic, loss, and the struggle for hope.
Visit a cruise ship stranded at sea discovering news of the Covid-19 pandemic as it spread across the globe. A remote island that has survived the war and an epidemic is tested once again. A woman's enchanting garden of roses struggling to survive harsh conditions. A nurse juggling the demands of motherhood, marriage, and the overcrowded hospital. A boy that experiences a unique symbol of hope. And a couple whose love survives amidst nightmarish historical events.

The Covid-19 pandemic that has plagued us for the past year is an event we can all relate to on a personal level. In The Hours, Bruce Meyers introduces us to individuals experiencing situations that have tested humanity, much like our current situation. Bruce Meyers' writing is beautiful and poetic and evokes an emotional response in the reader.

—  Claudia Lara Terzian

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