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Greg Randall

Greg Randall is a lover of all things two-wheeled. He dreams of owning a red Ducati, made in Italy and a delight to the eye, but contents himself with his 1972 CB 350. 

A husband of one, father of two, and grandfather of three, Greg is a born-again motorcyclist who rediscovered the joy of riding in his middle age. The day he traded his snooker table for an XS650 Yamaha, his wife took out a life insurance policy on him. 

Over the years, Greg has owned numerous bikes, each of them needing more mechanical wizardry than he could muster. 

Greg may be a man with not nearly enough miles on two wheels, but he has hopes and dreams. A modern bike with electronic ignition, fuel injection, ABS brakes, and an engine that won't quit. Something that will take him as far down the road as he wants and bring him back home again. There and back? That's heaven enough.


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