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Greg Randall

Greg Randall is the husband of one, the father of two, and the grandfather of three. He is a reader, writer, musician, and Duolingo addict. Without the hope of ever becoming functionally fluent, he has studied German, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese. “It’s to keep Alzheimer’s at bay,’” he says. When pressed, however, he admits that Dutch is his favourite. It’s just like English and German, only unpronounceable.


Greg holds a PhD from the University of Alberta and knows how to paint a house, wire a switch, and repair  a hole kicked in drywall. A lifelong DIY-er, he has progressed from framing hammers and six-inch nails to furniture refinishing.” No job is too small,” he tells his close friends and selected family members who ask for a favour. However, the usual rates apply. They have to listen to him sing whenever they come to his house for dinner.


When he is not cooking with spice, tussling with his grandchildren, or waking up the neighbourhood with his song, he is held captive in a windowless basement office, which he calls “The Writer’s Pen.” While others have their caves, pantries, studios, and garages filled with tools, Greg has a room without a view, a desk that requires sitting at, and a fountain pen full of ink.

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