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At AOS Publishing, We uphold the highest publishing standards to create books that are both beautiful on the inside, and on the outside​.

Our Services.



Ace of Swords Publishing applies a modern publishing model to promote its catalogue of memorable fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.



Our team of editors can work with you to enhance your work’s form, tone, and pacing. We help writers develop the best practices so that they can deliver compelling prose or poetry to their readers, and take their writing to new heights.



Ace of Swords Publishing is committed to creating beautiful visuals and fostering an engaging digital presence. Our focus is on expanding the digital marketplace for quality Canadian content. 


At Ace of Swords Publishing, we help our authors book impactful events, launch effective marketing campaigns, and provide an array of other value-added services. We help our authors cut through the clutter, and gain the visibility their work deserves. 


We are waiting for your submissions.

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