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Joyce Myerson

Joyce Myerson is presently a professional academic and literary translator from Italian. The published books and articles she has translated range from medieval history and art history (McGill University Press) to contemporary psychology, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis (Routledge U.K., The International Journal of Psychoanalysis, The European Journal of Psychoanalysis, The American Journal of Psychoanalysis). In 2013, her translated book of 14th century Tuscan poetry (Andrea Pucci) was published by the British Rencesvals Publications (University of Edinburgh Press). She has translated the novel, The Caravaggio Syndrome, by the art historian and Italian literary scholar, Alessandro Giardino.  A story that she translated by the Italian novelist, Irene Grazzini, as well as a prize-winning novella of hers, and a science fiction story have been published in American speculative magazines (The Luna Station Quarterly, Spark, and the Canadian journal CommuterLit).


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