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Frequently Asked Questions.

1. How do I submit my work to AOS?

Visit our submissions page by clicking the submissions button in the top right corner of our website. Then, just fill out the submissions form, and hit submit! 

2. Is AOS a traditional publishing house? 

Not exactly. AOS is more of a hybrid publisher. We employ a rigorous and selective editing process, but we are independent and do not receive funding from any outside organizations. As such, in most cases our authors share the costs of publication with us. We do things a little differently from the other guys, focusing our efforts on digital marketing and an expanding online presence. 

3. Which genres is AOS interested in? 

AOS publishes novels, short stories, non-fiction, and poetry. We are looking for quality works, and are less concerned about the genre as we are about the impact of the writing.

4. Do I need an agent to submit? 

No, you do not. AOS accepts submissions directly from authors. Visit our submissions page for more information. 

5. I work for a media outlet interested in covering an AOS Publishing book. How can I request a review copy? 

Requests for Advance Reader Copies for reviewers or media can be made directly by emailing

6. I would like to have my blog post featured on the AOS Publishing blog. How can I make a request?

Inquiries about AOS Publishing's Blog can be made by emailing 

7. I have an inquiry about permissions. Who do I contact? 

Inquiries about AOS Publishing permissions can be made by emailing 

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