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Kate Rogers

Kate Rogers’ poetry and critical writing have appeared in many literary journals and anthologies both in Canada and abroad, including The Montreal Poetry Prize shortlist (Véhicule Press), Looking Back at Hong Kong (CUHK Press), SubTerrain, ARC, PRISM, and many others. She is the author of three collections of poetry, Out of Place (Aeolus House/Quattro Books, 2017), City of Stairs (Haven Books, 2012), and Painting the Borrowed House (Proverse Press 2008) and was co-editor of the popular anthology Not a Muse: The Inner Lives of Women (Haven Books, 2009). After living in Hong Kong and mainland China for twenty years, and teaching at City University of Hong Kong and in Toronto’s Centennial College China Program, she currently resides in Cobourg, Ontario. She is a Canadian citizen. More info at


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