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Holiday Gift Guide

For the friend who already has too many books…

This book makes the perfect gift for any book lover. The author illustrates a variety of titles for avid readers from classics to contemporary fiction to cookbooks and more. This book, her second book, puts an emphasis on diverse authors featuring Jason Reynolds, Yaa Gyasi, Toni Morrison and many more authors that are underrepresented in the book publishing world.

For the person who says they are too busy to read…

This book of poetry is the perfect read for people who might not have time to read a novel. Karaline Alessia’s poetry is intimate and feminine driven but relatable for anyone navigating relationships and love. For any fans of Amanda Lovelace or Rupi Kaur, this poetry is for the millennial generation. It can be enjoyed in multiple short readings or in one night…like me!

For the children in your life…

This book is important to teach all children about brave, history-making women that have helped shaped our world, Some of the “fearless women” featured in this book include Megan Rapinoe, Sonia Sotomayor, Shirley Chisholm and Greta Thunberg. With entertaining illustrations and wonderful stories about these diverse women, this book is great for young girls or boys!

For the person who loves to learn…

Malcolm Gladwell is one of the great writers of the 21st century and he exels at examining the human experience from unique perspectives. In his latest book, he explores World War II and the use of precision bombing. It is great for history buffs or for people who just love to dig deeper to learn more about interesting topics.

For the person who loves a guilty pleasure…

This book is perfect for people who want a well-written read with a happy ending. Emily Henry is great at writing excellent dialogue and tension between her characters, in this case it’s a friends-to-lovers story of two best friends who have a tradition of traveling together every year. It jumps between different points of their friendship and, ultimately, how they realize they should be more than friends. This book is great for friends who love watching reruns of Friends even though they know Ross and Rachel end up together!

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