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What Writing and Reading Mean to Me

Since the early age of ten, I have been an avid reader and writer – one of my favourite childhood books was written by the wonderful Enid Blyton: The Magic Faraway Tree. I recall opening up my mum’s computer to type out my own novels and printed them off to create my very own book. I would drain the printer of it’s ink and sheets of A4, pull the pages together and staple them as straight as possible down the side to create the spine of my book.

As I have grown up, writing became a release for me in my personal time but also a way to relate to many other people when publishing my work. The ability to connect with so many other people makes life feel a little warmer; it let’s you know that you are making an impact whether that be big or small. My love for reading grew far stronger as I became more passionate; branching into new genres such as fantasy, thriller and memoir/auto-biography. I spend my days swimming in words, phrases, descriptions and settings, becoming completely absorbed. Reading and writing have many factors that make them even more desirable; they allow our imaginations to whirl within moments of escape and encapsulation. They are able to inform, educate and provoke our minds and the way that we see things for the rest of our future. They give us the ability to stop and pause; a way to make time for ourselves when we are too caught up in the day-to-day of our lifestyles.

Even though we change, we grow and we mature from a child to an adult; growing out of the things that once excited us. But despite this, inspiration never stops nudging my conscience, the same way that there is always a new novel to be printed. Likewise, my undying passion for both writing and reading is also still very much alive. The power of story is something like no other, whether a child or not, I will forever look forward to a new world to enter.

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