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What We’re Reading at AOS

Having a favourite genre doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not open to reading other types of books, it just means that you gravitate to certain kinds of books, and sometimes they help you out of a reading slump. You know the reading slump I’m talking about, right? We’ve all been there before: you don’t feel like reading anything and nothing catches your attention. For me, romance is the sure-fire way to get me out of a slump. Yes, sap is what I need and I’m totally okay with that!

As an avid reader, I average about 100 books a year. Romance is always my number one genre, and fantasy is a close second. Right now, I’m reading Tracy Wolff’s Covet, which can be classified as a YA fantasy romance. So really, for me, it’s the best of both worlds. Vampires, romance, and some major obstacles are my kryptonite, and this book has them all. It’s the third instalment of a four-book series and it’s incredible. You’ll get no spoilers from me, so if you want to know how it all starts for Grace, Jaxon, and Hudson, you need to read Crave!

That’s enough about me. Let me introduce you to Anna, the Social Media Coordinator at AOS. Is it any surprise that she loves to read too? Her current read is Wish You Were Here by Renée Carlino. Carlino is among Anna’s favourite authors, and wrote Anna’s all-time favourite romance Before We Were Strangers. To give you a quick idea of what Wish You Were Here is about, the heroine, Charlotte, bumps into a complete stranger named Adam on the street one night and they just connect. After an amazing night together, something about him changes in the morning and he breaks her heart. For months, she can’t get him out of her head. She wants to move on but can’t let go of the memory of the mysterious man. When she finally finds him again, she realizes just how big a secret he had…

There’s more to fiction than just fantasy and romance, and that brings me to our Publisher at AOS, Luis. Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski is considered an American classic. It’s a fictionalized tale about Bukowski’s youth and the hardships of growing up in Los Angeles during the Great Depression. Though this book covers rather serious topics surrounding poverty, Bukowski is able to keep his easygoing language and comedic voice. Ironically, Luis’ favourite genre is Canadian literature, so this goes to show you how open we are at AOS!

Finally, our Creative Director, Michael, is currently reading an interesting book by his favourite author Aldous Huxley. The Perennial Philosophy, originally published in 1945, covers an array of topics in connection to religion. This non-fiction is about the individual and his or her relation to God, explored through the basic ideas that unite all the world’s major religions. Religions covered in this book include Zen Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Christian mysticism, and Islam among others. By examining these religions, Huxley explains how there is a common yearning for the divine. When it comes to choosing his next read, Michael doesn’t have a genre he likes more than others, but he does generally prefer a novel.

It’s so important to have a variety of people who enjoy different things around you, so you can experience the full diversity of life! At AOS, we’re proud to share our current reads with each other and with you all!

Please, don’t be shy to share with us what you’re reading. We’re always excited to discover something new to dive into.


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