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The Effect Technology Has on The Book Community

Do you ever take a look at your computer or phone and wonder where you would be without these devices? For over twenty years, technology has been a part of almost everyone’s daily lives. We use this branch of knowledge to not only communicate with others and to build relationships that are oftentimes strictly online, but we are now capable of completely working from home on these devices. Having the ability to do so much online has brought me to heavily rely on technology to not only work and do schooling, but to also use it as a means to cater to my love for books.

From a fellow bookworm to the other, technology has done so much to increase our chances of getting our hands on new book releases, to posting reviews about what we read whether good or bad, and to also form relationships on certain book apps in order to find friends in which we can share our love for reading with. As for myself, I love using my Bookstagram account in order to do exactly that. I not only have a love for posting pictures of beautiful books and finding out about new releases, but I also love writing book reviews and forming book-related relationships online with readers who have the same taste in books as myself.

If it wasn’t for technology, I probably wouldn’t know about all of the new book releases that are published every month, and I also probably wouldn’t have any knowledge about different book prizes and awards. As of late, books are rarely spoken about on certain media outlets such as television and newspapers, so it is great to have a social media outlet where all book-related information and news is spoken about for individuals like ourselves who love reading.

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